What colour powder nail polish for summer?

Summer calls for vibrant colours and light shades. With powder nail polish, you choose a trendy and long-lasting manicure. But which colour suits the summer days best? We tell you more about the colourful options. 

Choose the right colour for your skin tone

Every skin tone has colours with which it matches fantastically. Light and soft powder shades like nude, beige and soft pink make your hands look warmer and accentuate your sun-tanned skin. They look chic and timeless. Do you have darker skin? Then strong and bright colours such as bright red, deep purple or ocean blue look particularly beautiful. These colours give your nails a striking flair that contrasts beautifully with your skin.

Trend colours for this summer

The trend for this summer is soft pastel shades and vibrant neon colours. For example, choose a soft mint green or a radiant tangerine that will make your nails stand out. These colours are not only fashionable, but they also add a playful element to your summer outfit.

How do I choose powder nail polish to match any outfit?

Neutral colours like taupe, light grey and various nudes are perfect if you are looking for a colour that goes with everything. These subtle colours match effortlessly with any summer outfit and are ideal for when you don't want to keep changing colours.

How can powder nail polish make my hands look browner?

For an optically browner effect, choose light colours like white or pale pink. These colours form a sharp contrast with your skin, making your hands appear browner. Avoid dark colours if you want to achieve this effect, as they can actually make your hands look paler.

What is the best powder nail polish colour for holidays?

Going on holiday and don't want to be constantly working on your nails? Then choose bright shades of blue, such as sea foam blue or light turquoise. These colours give a fresh and calm feeling, and are perfect for holidays. You will have as little to worry about. 

Dip powder for special occasions

Looking for something chic for a summer wedding or a night out? Then go for glossy shades like glossy black or deep red. These colours are elegant and give you a groomed look. Pair them with subtle jewellery to complete your look.

Long-lasting beautiful nails with powder nail polish

Powder nail polish is known for its durability. The colour stays for a long time without chipping, ideal for a carefree summer. Want to apply dipping powder? Then make sure your nails are clean and dry, apply a base coat, dip your nails in the powder, and seal with a topcoat. This way, you will enjoy beautiful nails for weeks.

Besides its durability, powder nail polish is also easy to use. It offers fuller coverage than regular nail polish and is less damaging to your nails than traditional gel polish. Moreover, it dries quickly. This means you never have to wait long for your perfect manicure again. 

Can I combine my powder nail polish with other nail products?

Absolutely! Powder nail polish can be perfectly combined with other nail products. Experiment, for example, with a glitter topcoat for an extra sparkling effect during those summer evening parties. Just make sure each coat is thoroughly dry before applying the next. That way you will get the best result. Do you want to have all the products you need to get started right away? Then take a look at our dipping powder startersets

How do I prevent my dip powder from clogging?

Prevent clumping by storing your nail polish powder in a dry and cool place. Make sure you close the jar tightly after use to prevent air or moisture from getting in. A little trick is to shake the jar briefly before use to loosen the powder and make it easier to apply.

Can I use powder nail polish for nail art?

Powder nail polish is ideal for creative nail art. Use different colours to create unique designs. Think ombre effects, geometric patterns or even small drawings with a thin brush. Let your creativity run wild and complete your summer look. See our handy instruction video below. 

Choose powder nail polish from Glowdip

Powder nail polish transforms your nails with rich, deep colours that are perfect for summer. Choose your colour carefully, keeping in mind your skin tone and the occasion, and you will undoubtedly have gorgeous nails that will make your summer adventures even more beautiful. Which powder nail polish colour will you choose this summer? In any case, we look forward to seeing you at Glowdip.

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