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The Dipping Powder System consists of powders and liquids that allow you to quickly and easily create long-lasting salon-quality nails. The nail is strengthened naturally and you don't need a UV lamp!

Dipping Powder can be applied to both natural and artificial nails. Our powders are very fine and guarantee perfectly smooth, even and brilliant results.

With over 20 colors to choose from, you can easily create a personalized set from your favorite colors. Our products are vegan, animal-tested and naturally free of harmful chemicals.

The complex bonding of the powder and liquids prevents chipping and cracking of the nail. Proper application can produce long-lasting results of 3+ weeks! Pretty impressive, right?

The Brush Saver cleans the brushes for the Liquids and removes residue and discoloration, preventing them from hardening.

You can easily swap the dirty or sticky brush with the one in the Brush Saver and leave the brush of the corresponding Liquid in the Brush Saver overnight. After this, you can put the brushes back into the appropriate bottles.

It is important to dry the brushes with a cloth before replacing them so that the Liquids do not come into contact with each other.

The Brush Saver should not be forgotten after every manicure.

It is recommended to remove the residue from the brushes after each use so that the Liquids do not discolor or harden.

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If the Base Coat comes into contact with excessive Powder, the brush may become hard.

In addition, the brushes should not be in contact with air for too long and should be dipped back into Liquid after each nail to prevent natural hardening.

The Top Coat can also harden, if the Activator is not given a chance to dry completely, during application.

Use the Brush Saver to prevent this from happening! Leave the Brush Saver on the hard brush overnight and the next day it will be like new again.

Click here for a video with detailed instructions on the proper handling of the Liquids.

Base Coat and Top Coat are a cosmetic adhesive. So you have to be careful, that this does not drip onto the bottle neck. That's why the lid sticks.

It is important to keep the neck of the bottles clean so that the liquids do not stick.

Make sure you always wipe the brush on the same side so that the entire bottle is not covered with the Liquid.

Click here for a video with detailed instructions on the proper handling of the Liquids.

We have made every effort to use only the best ingredients in our products.

We are therefore proud that all of our products are PETA-certified animal-free and vegan.

A comprehensive list of the ingredients used can be found here.

Please email us for a customized consultation if you are allergic or sensitive to certain ingredients used in cosmetics and nail products.

Here you can see at a glance all the ingredients used in our products.

If you are not sure if you are intolerant to an ingredient, we recommend testing some of our products before going for the full purchase to determine if you will have any reactions during use.

No! Our products are 100% HEMA and Benzoyl peroxides-free.


Applying the Dipping Powder is quick a easy. Thanks to the combination of the powder and the Liquids, you can create the most amazing manicures. The Base Coat forms the base and protects the nail. Simply apply the Base Coat and dip your nail into the color powder. Repeat this step for better coverage. Next, cure the nails with the Activator. Finish off with the Top Coat to give your nails an optimal shine.

No UV lamp is needed to harden the nails. Take your time during each step and work nail by nail to achieve the best results.

View instructions here

Of course! We have collected all the video instructions on one site.

To the instructional videos.

With one Powder jar you get up to 30 applications and with each Liquid up to 15.

It varies from person to person whether it is necessary to take a break between manicures. However, we do recommend waiting at least 3 days before changing, if your nails are not yet used to long term manicures.

Our Nail Oil provides intensive hydration for the nail and cuticles. Do not apply lacquer or nail hardener during the rest period.

Yes of course! Glowdip is easy to apply on both long and short nails.

All our products have been tested multiple times and conform to cosmetics legislation, which means they are safe.

Still, we recommend avoiding long-lasting manicures such as Dipping Powder, gel, and Shellac, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

If you do decide to use the products, we recommend that you discuss it with a doctor beforehand.

You can fill in your dipped nails with no problem!

Take a look at our video, in which we explain exactly how to fill in a manicure.

To the instructional video.

Yes, a pedicure is also possible with Glowdip. Using the "spoon shape" of the cuticle pusher, the powder is easy to apply to the nails.The excess powder can be collected with the powder pot or by using an extra collection tray.

We also have an instructional video available for pedicures.

To the instructional video.

Use Crystal Clear for a natural nail look. This transparent Powder gives nails a beautiful shine for a radiant look.

The Dipping Powder adheres well to both natural and artificial nails.

Application to artificial nails works no differently than application to natural nails.

Natural. You can make an extension with gel and apply the Dipping Powder to the gel nails, as normal.

This is how you use nail tips.

You can strengthen the nail naturally with Glowdip and then apply nail polish.

If you want to change colors really quickly and you don't have time for another Glowdip manicure, you can just paint over it with nail polish

You can apply anything on the manicure to create unique designs.

Stick the embellishments on the manicure before applying the Top Coat.

The Top Coat is also a perfect glue for rhinestones.


You can best remove the Glowdip Dipping Powder with our Removal Kit. This method is easy, quick and gentle on the nail. The special Acetone does not dry out the nail.

Detailed instructions can be found here.

Because Dipping Powder is not a "polish," it cannot be removed with traditional nail polish remover.

Dipping Powder, unlike nail polish, is a long-lasting salon-grade manicure and therefore can only be removed with Acetone.

For quick and gentle removal, we recommend our Removal Kit.

Shipping and delivery costs

Shipping is free for orders over €50.

Orders under €50 will be charged a low shipping fee.

For more information, see our delivery conditions.

Our products usually arrive within 1 business day (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not business days) from the date of order. Of course, in exceptional cases it may take a little longer (e.g. due to strikes at the delivery service). We make every effort to process orders quickly.

Our logistics center is located in the Netherlands. Most orders are shipped within one day.

During busy periods such as holidays, we and the delivery service have a higher shipping volume than normal. During these periods there may be more delays than normal, for which we apologize in advance.

Even during these periods, we will do everything possible to make your order go as smoothly as possible.

Yes, once your order has left our warehouse, you will receive an email with a tracking number and link. Click on the DHL tracking number to be directed to the DHL tracking page.

It is our experience that some delivery drivers forget to leave a card with customers if they were not at home.

In most cases, the shipment is delivered to the local depot or left with the neighbors. It is best to check with your neighbors or inquire at the local depot. If the order seems to be lost, please contact our customer service. We understand that this is annoying and will do everything we can to trace the shipment.

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My order

As long as your order has not yet left our warehouse, we can still change and modify the delivery address.

Please contact our customer service department to do this.

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It is best to send a photo of the products (in the case of color-powders please the bottom) you received so we can investigate directly.

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Returns & Exchanges

You can return your order under the following conditions.

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The cost of returning the goods shall be borne by the customer/buyer.

To exchange a product, it must be returned to us. Once we have received the products, we can refund the amount. Then you can place a new order for the desired products.

Only unopened/unused products can be exchanged.

Products from a set can only be exchanged as a completely unused set.

Please contact our customer service department before returning the products.

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