What is Glowdip dipping powder?

Your nails like you went to the salon, but from home? Try Dipping Powder!

Dipping Powder is suitable for all types of nails. Short or long, it doesn't matter.

You apply the dipping powder with a layer of coating to then dip in the fine color powder.

The result: perfectly shiny nails that last up to 3 weeks.

3 Simple Steps 💅

Step 1: Base coat, dip and brush (2 or 3x)

Apply the base coat to the nail (note: not to the cuticles). Next, dip your finger in the powder. Brush off the excess powder. Do this on each nail of 1 hand. Repeat this process 2/3 times for a nice covering result.

Step 2: Activator coat, file and activator coat

Once you've dipped all your nails, it's time for the activator. Spread a layer of activator over the dipped nail. Repeat on your other nails. Let dry for 2 minutes. Next, file away any blemishes as desired, brush clean and apply another coat of activator. Wait 2 minutes per nail again for step 3.

Step 3: Top coat and done!

When your nails are dry from step 2 apply the topcoat. This will make your nails hard and shiny. Congratulations, you're done! 🥳

The benefits of Glowdip Dipping Powder

💜 For all

Our Dip Powder System is suitable for all nail types and shapes, regardless of length.

✨ Can be kept for up to 3 weeks without tearing

Dipping Powder stays on longer than traditional manicure methods.

♻️ Quick & easy to remove

Easy to remove with our special removal film.

💅 Is Glowdip something for me?

We are convinced of that! Having doubts? We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The highest quality

✅ We use only the finest powder.

✅ Vegan & animal-free & PETA verified

Quality and safety are our priority, all our products comply with cosmetic legislation and are dermatologically tested.