Step 1. File off the Top Coat layer

As a first step, use the coarse side of the file to lightly file away the Top Coat layer. The more of the dip powder you file away, the faster it will remove.

Step 2. Soak the cotton pad in acetone

Take one removal foil per nail and soak its cotton pad generously with the acetone.

Step 3. Wrap the nail with removal foil

Place the damp cotton pad on your nail and wrap removal foil around each finger. Now let sit for about 15 minutes to soften the layers. However, the damp cotton pad should not dry completely.

Step 4. Rub away layers

After about 15 minutes, the layers should soften and begin to release. When removing the foil, rub the nail at the same time to remove the softened layers. Now you can lightly scrape the soft color layer with the cuticle pusher or file off with the fine file side.

Optional: re-soak the nails in a removal foil.

Place each finger in a damp removal foil again to remove all remaining layers. After about 10 minutes, the layers will come off optimally.