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Join our Glowdip community to always be aware of the latest nail trends and share your designs and user tips with the active members. It is important for us to make as many people as possible familiar with our simple method and create a sense of belonging in the community.

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The Glowdip Community is our community of nail lovers and hobby nail designers. Here we help each other with questions and uncertainties. With the Glowdip Community we have created a place where people with the same interests can get to know each other, exchange experiences and problems and get new inspiration every day.

  • Unique nail designs
  • Help and inspiration
  • True togetherness

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Access to the Glowdip Facebook Group is completely free.

We post exclusive offers & contests in the group.

As soon as new products or colors are released, you will be the first to get access.

Yes, of course. You can leave the group at any time.